Eat Clean Get Healthy 

The Healthy option for the whole family

Kelly Ravenscroft - a leading expert in fitness and nutrition, is proud to launch her BRAND NEW cookbook

This book explains how to feed the whole family a clean diet which will give everyone extra energy and an improved lifestyle

You’ll Get:

  • 30 Healthy Breakfasts so that you are not tearing your hair out first thing in the morning finding breakfasts to suit everyone
  • 30 Healthy Lunches so that the kids are eating well at school and you're not tempted by the work canteen 
  • 30 Healthy Dinners so that you can all enjoy quality time around the table eating a healthy meal
  • This could be your food bible for 30 days, allowing you to relax and know exactly what to feed your family
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Kelly Ravenscroft

About the Author

My name is Kelly Ravenscroft and I am really proud to bring you my first ever cookbook. I hope to encourage and inspire people to eat clean, enjoy cooking and be healthier. I am the founder of Keep Fit With Kelly. I am married to Jamie with 2 children, Jessica and Jude. 

This book has become our food bible and is always in the kitchen. I have been a full time fitness instructor since 2010 and love every minute of my job. I enjoy being able to help people to achieve their personal goals and watch their fitness levels improve in a fun, non intimidating way.

I work with clients both online and one to one within the Sutton Coldfield area.
I offer lots of different classes ranging from Zumba to High Intensity with a bit of yoga/pilates as well. 
Plus I am the creator of the new fitness trend RockNRobics which combines aerobics with Rock and Roll music.